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Iron Sights™ Training Centre is the most advanced indoor simulation shooting range facility of its kind in Atlantic Canada. Our shooting simulation system is the MILO Pro Range. It is considered by many to be the best shooting simulator in the world as currently used by several big US federal police and counter terrorism units such as the FBI, CIA, ATF, Secret Service and the US military just to mention a few.

In static range mode MILO Pro Range can replicate indoor concrete ranges with stalls and bullet traps out to 100 metres and outdoor dirt ranges with berms out to 300 metres.

In dynamic range mode up to six shooters can shoot, move, communicate and medicate at the same time in a single room or multi-room simulated environment using any of the over 700 training simulation videos in a day or night environment allowing for the use of IR Night Vision Devises.

Our large 3,000 sq. ft. hanger also allows for police and military small vehicle integration with the simulation event.

The hanger area also offers a smart classroom area for basic and advanced firearms education and training and training briefings and after action review.

Iron Sights™ Training Centre is also available to the public in order to provide a safe and controlled learning environment for civilian recreational gun owners to practice and develop safe gun handling, shooting practices and range etiquette.

Iron Sights™ Training Centre is also home to Atlantic Canada’s only dedicated Tactical/Survival Pro-Shop retailing the best in recreational firearms, shooting related accessories, clothing and equipment for civilians and professional security organization personnel.

Iron Sights™ Training Centre is staffed by former army combat arms and law enforcement firearms instructors. Several staff members have worked in Canadian Special Operations and Police Emergency Response Team units. We are unmatched in gun-fighter experience and knowledge in the Atlantic Canada region.