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Iron Sights™ Training Centre’s MILO Pro Range simulation system and firearms recoil kits allows us to offer a variety of in-house firearms education and training events open to the public such as:

  • Basic Handgun Shooting and Safe Practices
  • Advanced Handgun Shooting
  • Basic Carbine Shooting and Safe Practices
  • Advanced Carbine Shooting
  • Basic Long Rifle Shooting and Safe Practices
  • Advanced Long Rifle Shooting
  • Range Safety and Control

Our large selection of firearms with accessories allows our experienced staff to train any level of student in various shooting disciplines in a very safe and controlled non-live fire environment.

While the primary role of ISTC is to provide a simulation shooting training platform for provincial or federal law enforcement agencies or organizations that are required to carry and potential use a firearm for official purposes our skilled firearms instructors can also design and instruct firearms training course to best support the customers needs.

If your training requires more than just theory and simulation training then ISTC can also provide live fire instruction at other out door range locations.

While there are other provinces that allow private companies to offer the PAL and RPAL courses for their respective provinces, New Brunswick is not one of them so unfortunately we do not offer the New Brunswick PAL or RPAL courses.

Please note that you do not need a PAL and RPAL to attend one of our courses or shooting events as we own the firearms used.

For more information on courses, schedules and prices email us at contact@istc.ca