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Iron Sights™ Training Centre state-of-the-art simulation shooting range is equipped with MILO Pro Range to include a 16ft wide x 9ft high HD Screen. The system incorporates real firearms that are rendered inert by removing firing mechanisms and replacing them with CO2 gas recoil kits and IR lasers. Up to six individuals can train statically or dynamically at a time. For individual use, the system also allows for up to six training devices such as tasers, sprays, batons, flash lights and distraction devices to be used simultaneously. A Kinect system also allows for voice interaction with the simulations. Night vision IR devises can also be used.

Hours of operation. The facility can be booked by federal and provincial law enforcement agencies, private security firms, and military units for training events Mondays to Fridays from 0700 to 1600hrs. The facility can also be rented during late night hours if required.

Realistic training environment. Training events can be designed by our staff and the simulation hanger can be reconfigured to meet your individual and collective training requirements. The large hanger floor allows us to integrate police, private armoured security company, and small military vehicles into the simulation scenario. We can also erect walls with doors and windows to create a single or multi-room close quarter battle environment.

Custom video training scenarios. Our fully trained MILO Pro Range staff can design, film and develop your own custom live video training scenarios to suit your unique operating environment such as schools, shopping malls or other vital urban or non-urban environments allowing you to always be multiple steps ahead of any future threat.

For more information on MILO Pro Range visit https://www.faac.com/training-simulators/use-of-force/milo-range-advanced/ or view the MILO Range Overview Video at https://vimeo.com/208524586

For pricing and booking the simulation range for training or having your own custom training videos developed please visit ISTC or send an email to contact@istc.ca